Full Name: Taozoo Liomar
Alignment: Neutral
Weight: 170 lbs
Height: 5"10


  • Might and force make order.
  • To prove myself ready for beginning my own guild, I must make Sturr Odis subservient to me.
  • I must create my own guild and be it’s leader to free myself from my current limitations.


  • Never go anywhere without a knife.
  • Perception whenever travelling the streets/town.
  • -

Current Attributes
Will: 4 (R/-/,D/-/,C/-/)
Perception: 4 (R/-/,D/-/,C/-/)
Agility: 6 (R/-/,D/-/,C/-/)
Speed: 4 (R/-/,D/-/,C/-/)
Fort: 4 (R/-/,D/-/,C/-/)
Power: 3 (R/-/,D/-/,C/-/)

Steel: 3 (R/-/,D/-/,C/-/)
Reflexes: 5 (R/-/,D/-/,C/-/)
Hesitation: 6 (R/-/,D/-/,C/-/)

Resources: 0 (+1)
Circles: 2 (R/-/,D/-/,C/-/)

Character Traits
Paranoid (RP)
Cynical (RP)

Die Traits
Quickened Pulse

Call-on Traits

Current Equipment

Clothes (RPP: 1)
Boots (RPP: 1)
Dirk (RPP: 5)
Crossbow (RPP: 8)
Toolkit x2 (RPP: 5+3)

Current Housing

Cottage (RPP: 3)


Uncle: Sturr Odis (RPP: —)


The memory had all but faded now. Glimmers of sunlight against the wet dock near the ship. The mixing surround-sound of unwinding ropes and boots against a worn wooden deck. Tired but excited faces crossing by at quick paces, all but four sets of arms carrying cargo. A boy and a well-off man stood on the dock, the man’s hand on the boy’s shoulder as both pairs of eyes watched another man and woman on the merchant boat nearby. They looked troubled, disheartened beyond the boy’s understanding. The boy himself did not seem so hurt, though he had no idea that these two were leaving forever. He hardly realized that they were his parents.

One more wave before the sails lifted and took to the wind, and the boat departed down river. The man then pat the boy’s back and led him off the dock.

Sturr Odis. That’s what he called himself, at least. After several years, as Tao grew into adolescence, Sturr was the one and only influence on the young man. Having nearly forgotten his parents and having no other known family, Tao had little choice but to follow by Sturr’s word. Tao became a criminal, stealing and smuggling items for Sturr when it was needed. Despite all of the things Sturr forced on Tao, the young man focused only on things that sparked his interest. Blades and weapons, lock picking, and the art of lying. In particular one memory stood out in Tao’s mind when he looked back on his parent’s departure. Although very faint, he recalls his father telling him to be strong. Not once, but again and again his father repeated this phrase in a trembling voice. Was he crying? Tao couldn’t remember.

Strength, though, is important. Tao knew that. He knew that if he could be physically capable and wield a network of allies alongside the blade in his hand, he could take control of things. He could take control of his life and not have to worry about Sturr again. For now however, he would follow his uncle until he could make that defining leap from the nest.

Another few years and Tao had become a more productive member of the same thieves guild that Sturr did fencing work for. By now Tao had grown tired of Sturr’s control over his life, and equally frustrated with the guild’s control as well. What he wanted was a life without constraints, but he knew it could only be had with a means of great force. Sturr would not go down easy, nor would the guild. Tao therefore would begin amassing wealth and stature, as well as honing his own physical skills, to do what he had only dreamed of – to be a free man, to be on top of the world with more wealth than could be spent.

He just needed to find the right people to get help from.


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