Burning Wheel


Fireday, 4th, Harvest, 744YND
Having committed murder for the sapphires, it is imperative for Remiel make sure there are no loose ends. A meeting is called at the Black Rook in the morning to discuss what needs to be done. Further, preparations must be made for a heist during the opening ceremony of the Festival of the Rennarian Sea.

Danton: Has located Trayus, the sailor who Tao attacked. He is at the Red Herring telling all those who will listen about Tao’s description. Danton is also responsible for finding people to sponsor guild member’s entrance to the party to make them look like they belong but he could certainly use some help…

Kaisar: Has been assigned the task of creating fake tickets (in the form of coins) to get entrance to the celebration. He is almost out of the copper/brass alloy he requires but is worried about asking Sturr Odis for more…

4th, Harvest, 744YND
Raizix met with Danton. They worked together to get Trayus to stop disseminating the description of Tao which they were quite successful at. She was also approached by a man named Octavius who claimed to be hunting Tao (he didn’t know Tao’s name) on behalf of the city guard.

Having failed to break into the warehouse for Kaisar, Fen and Raizix attempted to find someone with a key in the civil administration. Unfortunately for them, the person they ran into was the same clerk Raizix had convinced that she was a harbour clerk! The clerk quickly called the guards and a womanhunt ensued for several days.

5th, Harvest, 744YND
While wandering around the city, Tao was approached by Octavius and they got a drink. Octavius was not impressed by Tao’s lack of funds but he did seem intrigued by Tao’s martial prowess.



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