Burning Wheel

One Loose End

9th Harvest.
Tao awoke to Treyus and his friend breaking into his room, they wanted the feest, Tao told them that the next day he would tell them who he gave it

Tao asked Raizix to help him find someone who would be able to tell him which ship would bring in the feest. Together they discovered it was The Archangel and would be docking the next day. Tao promised Raizix one half of his portion of the theft.

Raizix Vuria helped Danton to find someone to purchase a tavern from. She introduced him toMearo Renuusio and they agreed on a price of 2000g (4ob.)

In the meantime Tao met with Treyus, his friend and another man who he never got a look at. He told them the original feest had gone to Sturr Odis and told them about a new job which they would split 70-30.

Raizix and Tao attempted to buy a cart from a lovely man with a Boston accent, and Tao lost all his money. On the way to the dock’s Tao ran into Octavius who told him about more breakins in their neighborhood and proposed that they form a neighborhood watch.

Then, the fivesome went to the docks and Raizix and Treyus created a fake mugging as a distraction. The other 3 broke into the goods and stole the feest. Only Tao escaped the guards…

The next day, Raizix got her share from Tao after he had sold the feest to an ex lover of Sturr and a sisterly figure of his named Halven Stren. She purchased the feest and said she would contact him if she ever had a commission for him.

Raizix freed Treyus from prison promising to not press charges, Treyus wanted the money from Tao for bail (the rest had had their feest confiscated.) They went together to Tao’s and when Treyus confronted Tao, Tao killed him. Raizix assisted him briefly until Treyus surrendered at which point Tao finished the job.

Raizix then went to Remiel and told him what had happened. He doubted her innocence but felt it unimportant. He advised her to no longer associate with Tao.



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