Burning Wheel


6th, Harvest, 744YND
Remiel is irritated at the three stooges for drawing so much attention right before a large heist.

Kaisar was forced to ask Sturr for more alloy which Sturr and Remiel took out of his pay for the counterfeiting job.

Danton’s attempts to get invitations to the party were rather unsuccessful and he believes Raizix was intentionally unhelpful.

Sturr has finished selling the sapphires off (mostly to the city guard) and is bored… Wonder what his useless nephew is up to?

All this means that the above are not ready to treat the PCs well.
They will not be a part of the plan, they will not be informed what it is, they will not get a cut.

Remiel wants them out of town while the heist is going on. To prove their competence, they’re being sent to a village north of Zoa called Tarus. There they are instructed to steal a gold ring set with a large square aquamarine. The baron’s name is Baron Hiero Auguste. Hiero is holding a party at his estate and almost all the residents of Tarsus will be there. He is a close friend of Werlen and one of his most ardent supporters outside of council.

The ring is located in a glass case in the great hall of the estate. There will be dozens of people in the room all night long but on days when there is no party it is guarded by at least two footmen on opposite sides of the hall. Clearly the party is the only real time for a theft.

Razix met a noble named Marcus Urala who took a liking to her, they spent the entire party together and the night ;) As she wanted to sleep with a knife she tried to borrow one from the kitchen which was refused. That night, Razix awoke to someone attempting to enter her room, she chased the culprate to the kitchen and got her knife.

Tao and Fen thought of how to make a distraction. Tao attempted to look like a servant and serve food, it failed. Then he tried to get into a drinking contest with a woman who pawned him off on her husband. He created a small distraction which was entertaining and while he was doing it, Fen grabbed the ring from under everyone’s noses.

The trio then returned to Zoa. Danton asked Fen for advice about the best way for him to leave the guild, but her advice was not very useful.



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