Military Organization


Corporal/ Specialist
Sergeant- Commands a Squad
Lieutenant- Commands a Platoon
Captain- Commands a Company
Major- Commands a Company
Colonel- Commands a Battalion
General- Commands a Division
Commander- General Given Overall Command of an Army/ Legion


Squad 10-15 Soldiers, Sergent, Privates
Platoon 25-40 Soldiers, (2-4 Squads) Squads with Medics and Ranged Support
Company 80-120 Soldiers, (2-4 Platoons) Platoons with Specialist Melee Infantry
Battalion 250-500 Soldiers (2-4 Companies) Companies with Administration, Light Artillery, and Cavalry (Smallest Self-Sufficient Unit)
Division 2000 Soldiers (3-4 Battalions) Battalions with Heavy Artillery, Specialist Cavalry, Specialist Ranged Units (Completely Self-Sufficient Unit)
Army/ Legion- All soldiers in a Geographic Area.

Military Organization

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