Lillian Cooper


Beliefs: Honour contract (Currently contracted as a guard of the city)
Nobles are incompetent but necessary
Guards are corrupt

Instincts: Always wear armour
when in a small outpost be constantly on guard
tend to horses first before rest or injury

Traits: Light sleeper (Perception always allowed for noise when asleep)
scarred (Cosmetic)

will 4
perception 3
Power 5
Forte 5
agility 5
speed 3

Health 4
Steel 7
Reflexes 3
Mortal wound 11

Animal Husbandry 1
Riding 4
Mounted combat Open
Shield open
Swords 3
Haggling 2
Horse-wise 3
Armour training open

Has a husband and son


Lillian Cooper

Burning Wheel makruit