Burning Wheel

Opening Moves

Pelsday, 2nd, Harvest 744YND:
Remiel, LAUREN and CONNOR meet at a local tavern by the fishing wharves. It’s dirty, smells and is generally gross. He tells them about a small shipment of sapphires arriving in town for the annual Festival of the Rennarian Sea. The saphires are largely used for decoration of ceremonial weapons and armor and thus if a few go missing here and there they are unlikely to be noticed.

The ship to be targeted is a small merchant ship named The Regal. The plan to heist the sapphires will be carried out in several stages:

1) Discover which dock The Regal will be docking at. There are too many small wharves to be able to eyeball them all day.
2) Discover how the sapphires are being transported from the ship or where they are on the ship. There are only a few sapphires and it’s a large ship containing other cargo.
3) They are due to be delivered to the Lower Wharves Barracks by 9pm on 3rd, Harvest.

The two quickly divided the work. LAUREN went to the Harbormasters office and was able to find out which dock the Regal was docked at. That night, LAUREN created a disguise so she would be able to look like a harbor official. CONNOR cased the barracks and decided that stealing from the heavily fortified and guarded compound would be too much trouble. He then went to Sturr Odis’ house and asked what he knew about sapphire shipments. When Sturr asked for a share of the take, CONNOR left.

Katarday, 3rd, Harvest 744YND:
The two arrived at Wharf 16 to wait for The Regal. LAUREN was able to impersonate a harbor official and gain access to the ship. She discovered the sapphires in a bag located on the ship captain’s hip. Meanwhile, CONNOR was able to impersonate a dock-hand and gain access to the ship docked at wharf 17. Once aboard he snuck into the captain’s quarters and stole a bag full of feest. After failing to sneak onto The Regal, the two thieves met and CONNOR decided that the best course was to steal the sapphires while on board the ship. He snuck on but was discovered by the captain of The Regal. Acting quickly, he stabbed the captain three times through the arm and once through the throat. Grabbing the bag of sapphires he left the ship after once stabbing another crewman.

That night, CONNOR was ambushed by two thugs sent by Sturr. They said that Sturr wanted his cut, and this time it would be much higher. CONNOR decided to give them the bag of feest which they quickly accepted and left with. Then, the two thieves met with Remiel to debrief and get their pay. CONNOR confronted Remiel about the conduct of his uncle. Remiel berated him for disclosing information about the job to someone outside the operation.



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